Mayor De Blasio BLOWS UP On CNN, THREATENS Trump Over NYC Harboring 500,000 ILLEGALS

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that Donald Trump’s plan to crack down on sanctuary cities will actually make those cities “less safe,” both for citizens and immigrants.

“It’s going to make cities less safe,” de Blasio stated. “We’ve spent decades building relationships with communities, including immigrant communities, and this is the type of thing that will destroy that progress and make it impossible for police officers to keep the cities safe.”

“New York city has half a million undocumented people,” he continued. “We want them to come forward and work with police if they see a crime or are the victim of a crime.”

“If they believe by talking to a police officer they will get deported and be torn apart by their family, they’re not going to work with police.”

De Blasio also stated that Trump’s threat to pull funding from sanctuary cities won’t affect NYC.

“If they make an attempt to pull that money, it would be from the NYPD,” he explained. “It would be from security funding from the NYPD to fight terrorism and protect foreign leaders who come to New York City to go to the U.N.”

“If an attempt is made to do that, we will go to court immediately for an injunction to stop it.”


E. Goldstein

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