• April 20, 2024

Massive Wedding Brawl Caught on Tape in Fremont, California[VIDEO]

 Massive Wedding Brawl Caught on Tape in Fremont, California[VIDEO]

A fight was started inside a Fremont, CA hall used for wedding receptions between some young drunks and some adults in the 40 year range.  From there, the young hoodlums took it outside, where they ganged up on several people, with two people needing medical attention for head trauma, including one in critical condition.  They beat their victims to the ground, then began pounding them into the pavement.

 The Chronicle (San Francisco)   has obtained video footage taken during a brawl that broke out Saturday at a wedding celebration at a Fremont banquet hall.

Callers initially reported a group of 10 to 15 men fighting at Royal Palace Banquet Hall on the 6000 block of Stevenson Boulevard in Fremont, but when police arrived, there were 35 to 60 people fighting while others watched, according to the Fremont Police Department, which handled the situation with assistance from the Newark Police Department.

In video of the fighting, fistfights can be seen throughout the parking lot; victims are knocked to the ground and kicked by multiple assailants in several instances.

The dispute began inside the party but was taken outside by some of the drunk young attendees, who attacked four men — three of whom were older than 45 — en masse, according to a wedding guest who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisal.

Ten victims were found in the parking lot and two were taken for treatment of head trauma, police said.

One victim remained in critical condition at San Jose Medical Center on Wednesday, according to the wedding guest.


H/T San Francisco Chronicle


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