Marvel Comics Cancels Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Lives Matter Comic

That didn’t last long.  Marvel Comics has cancelled their Ta-Nehisi Coate’s BLM comic book due to terrible sales numbers.  Marvel comics have seen a sharp plunge in the sales of their politically correct comics over the past year or two.  I could have told them that.  EBT can’t be used to buy Marvel Comics.  The BLM comic was a bunch of BLM anarchists practicing a social justice warrior theme.  Sales figures haven’t been released but I can’t ever remember a quicker cancellation of any comic.  This comes at the same time that Marvel is blaming forced diversity for their rapidly sinking numbers.

 No one is buying Marvel’s lineup of social justice-themed comics. It’s no surprise, given that few readers want politics to be forced down their throats. Thus liberal darling Ta-Nehisi Coates and Yona Harvey’s Black Panther & The Crew is getting the axe after poor sales, just two issues after its launch. Its cancellation comes just weeks after a Marvel VP revealed that comics with forced messages of “diversity” were responsible for the publisher’s sales slump.

Joined by Luke Cage, Manifold, Misty Knight, and Storm, the titular superhero who entered the limelight with Captain America: Civil War gathers his all-black crew of superheroes to investigate the death of a civil rights activist who died in police custody. It has echoes of Sandra Bland’s death.

Set in a near-future Harlem-turned-police state patrolled by robotic police officers controlled by a private security contractor, the comic has every element you’d expect from a comic attempting to tell a story inspired by Black Lives Matter. The cops beat people up for no reason, too.

Naturally, the social justice superheroes take justice into their own hands and go to battle against the corrupt system, while learning about the historical figures of the Civil Rights Movement. Univision-owned entertainment vertical Gizmodo enthusiastically describes The Crew as one that “[tells a] timely [story] about real world issues, like how police brutality devastates black communities.”

Here’s another sample:

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