Marilyn Mosby Takes Credit For Skyrocketing Crime Rate in Baltimore

If there was ever the slightest doubt in your mind that Marilyn Mosby is a total idiot, this column should erase it for good.  Mosby is claiming that the new policing guides are due to her persecution  prosecution of 6 Baltimore police officers on trumped up charges in which she tried to hide exculpatory evidence from the defendants.

In that she is perfectly correct and her claim that the changes to policing standards provided by Loretta Lynch for the city of Baltimore is also correct.  She is responsible.  Where she has erred is in pretending those changes are a good thing.


The murder and violent crime rate has soared since the six officers were tried solely for doing their jobs.  Let’s face it, police officers don’t want to go deep into debt defending themselves against bogus charges from a highly politicized prosecutor looking to become upwardly mobile.    It’s easier just to stay out of high crime areas and let them shoot it out.

 Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby took credit for some of the reforms in the city’s police department in a Saturday speech.

Mosby, speaking at an event hosted by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, linked the charges she brought against officers in the 2015 Freddie Gray case to changes being made in the Baltimore Police Department, reports the Baltimore Sun.

“Had I not been in that position as state’s attorney, had I not had a seat at the table to make the unprecedented decisions that I was forced to make, had there been no accountability, there’d be no exposure, there’d be no reform, and the systemic discriminatory police practices in one of the largest police departments would’ve persisted,” Mosby told the Chicago audience.

Mosby rose to national attention when she charged six officers for the death of Gray while in police custody. Mosby was criticized for the overzealous charges she brought against the officers, among other mistakes. The case slowly fell apart, as three officers were eventually cleared and she dropped the charges against the remaining three later on.

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