• July 23, 2024

Man’s Facebook Post Comparing His Shopping Cart To The Person Next To Him Goes Viral

 Man’s Facebook Post Comparing His Shopping Cart To The Person Next To Him Goes Viral


A man’s Facebook post comparing the contents of his shopping cart to those of a person using an EBT card has gone viral.

Patrick Gibson shared a photo on Facebook which shows the differences between his grocery purchase and the purchase of a person paying with food stamps, which he said included “such items like steak and some other very nice choices of food,” while he was purchasing fruit and diapers for his children.

Gibson wrote in his post:

Sorry but I had to vent. The picture you see on the left is the amount of groceries including diapers that I was able to afford this pay period for my family. ( wife, son, daughter,my self ) which was paid in cash since I actually work hard for a living.

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The picture on the right is of the purchase in front of me in line. If you can’t tell in the picture there are 2 full buggies of groceries including such items like steak and some other very nice choices of food. Here’s the kicker. This purchase was made in food stamps. Which I wouldn’t have a problem with if I didn’t see the person move their big fold of cash out of the way to get to the ebt card and then load them into the back of a brand new Hyundai Genesis. That is about 15k-20k more than my car.

I just thought I would take the time to tell this person/family that you are very welcome from all of us hard working/ struggling to buy food Americans that have to foot the bill for your fancy steak feast while I skip breakfast and lunch every day that way my wife and children have food to eat everyday, because $50-$75 dollars doesn’t go very far. So you enjoy your $800 free grocery purchase.

The post quickly went viral and to date, has been shared over 145,000 times.

Gibson’s statement has received mixed reactions in the comments.

Some supported the message of the post and feel that food stamps are abused.

“I agree, why should people that refuse to work live better than the honest people that break our backs and come home exhausted every day,” one user commented on the Western Journalism Facebook page. “This crap needs to stop, if you don’t contribute to society you shouldn’t get to eat.”

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Others felt Gibson’s post was unfair, however.

“Shame on you for lumping so many other hardworking families in with one person who has chosen to abuse the system,” another user wrote. “Not everyone on welfare should have to face your disdain and hatred because of the few who manage to hit the spotlight for their wrongness.”

Gibson’s post pretty much sums up how most working Americans feel when they witness such an incredible abuse of the system.


  • I support the food stamp program but I know it is also an abused program by a lot of people who hide their income from the welfare system. I live in a very depressed area where a lot of people are out of work or work part time jobs at minimum wage and they are trying to support a family. In those cases the amount of food stamps they get does not buy enough to last through the month. I have family members who are in that very same situation. They can’t afford stake and other luxuries as mentioned in this article. Usually toward the end of the month they run out of food for their children and the family has to help them out. It breaks my heart when my grandchildren don’t even have milk for their generic brand corn flakes. I seen a video about Dearborn MI, where it has been taken over by muslim refugees who live in $100K+ homes and are driving $40K+ cars and they have medicare cards and EBT cards which means that they are getting welfare, food stamps and free health care while living in luxury! What do you say about us stop importing these muslims and having the taxpayer provide them a living and concentrate on our own American Citizens? Americans first!

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