Manhunt Underway In North Carolina For Killer Of Two

Police in North Carolina are currently searching for a suspect in the murder of two residents of Charlotte, North Carolina. The suspect is identified as 40-year-old Vurnel Smith Jr.. Smith is described as being a muscular, black male about 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 230 pounds.

The victims of the shocking double murder have been identified as 69-year-old Rufus Gordon and 65-year-old Jacqueline Gordon-White. Officers were told of the possible killings by a third victim who was able to get away and drive herself to a local hospital. Once at the hospital, she called police and told them there might be other victims at the home of Jacqueline Gordon-White on Red Clay Lane.

Police said Mrs. White was dead when they arrived at the scene and their initial investigation revealed the body of Mr. White which had been placed in the trunk of a car in the driveway. Neighbors said that the woman who notified the police is the daughter of the two people murdered.

Nobody deserves to die like that because this guy is out getting high,” said one neighbor who asked his face not be shown. The neighbor says he spent time with the suspect just hours before the crime. “if I had known I would have talked to him, it wouldn’t have happened,” the neighbor said.

Both of the murder victims are the parents of the surviving victim, according to neighbors. They say the suspect, Vurnel Smith Jr., was her boyfriend. Police records show he was arrested in Kannapolis in 2015 for breaking into someone’s home and raping them.

Police officials with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are urging citizens not to approach Smith on their own as he is believed to be armed and is being considered extremely dangerous. They ask that if you see this man you immediately call 911 and stay clear of the subject. According to authorities, Vurnel Smith Jr. was last seen driving a black 2017 Honda with North Carolina plates PAS-9116.

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