Man Who Tried To Help Stop A Robbery Ends Up Getting Arrested [VIDEO]

A 24-year-old man, who helped stop Shane Bryant’s getaway from a Co-op store in Ashby, Leicestershire has been arrested after the suspected armed robber he restrained during a supermarket raid later died in hospital.

Reports say the man was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm but has since been released pending further inquiries.

The have-a-go hero was one of a group of locals who restrained Bryant, 29-year-old, as he tried to flee from the store, and held him for 30 minutes until the authorities arrived.

A spokesman for Leicester Police said when the police officers arrived to arrest the suspected robber he was “taken ill” and had to be rushed to hospital.

The suspected robber’s condition was initially described as “critical.” Bryant was taken to Nottingham’s Queens Medical Centre, but died around 36 hours later.

Witnesses described how two men armed with a golf club raided the store.

“Two guys in an Audi tried to rob the shop,” a witness said. “One guy armed with a golf club got everything money-wise from the shop, but members of the public stopped him and restrained him for 30 minutes until the police came.”

“The other guy mounted the pavement in an attempt to get the members of the public off of his mate.” Another local said there was “screaming and shouting” and the sound of a car’s tyres screeching.

“I saw this one guy lying on the pavement below. I thought they’d been in a fight,” he said. “At first I thought they were helping him but then realised they were restraining him.”

“The whole thing is a tragedy really. One person has died, and another has been arrested,” John Coxon, leader of Ashby Town Council said.

Source: Daily Mail


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