• June 19, 2024

Man Who Repeatedly Slammed 5-Week-Old Baby Into Sidewalk Finally Gets Sentenced

 Man Who Repeatedly Slammed 5-Week-Old Baby Into Sidewalk Finally Gets Sentenced

Justice is finally being served for a man named Dalton Davis who was convicted of ending the life his girlfriend’s five-week-old infant baby girl. After confessing to slamming little Lillian Grace Lloyd’s head against the pavement until she passed away and returning her to her crib so her mother could discover the remains.

Dalton Davis killed this innocent child named Lillian

According to court documents, Davis and Lillian’s mother, Courtney Lloyd, were arguing in the hours before the infant’s passing. When Courtney decided to separate herself from the hostile situation and take a nap, Davis concocted his vile plan.

Davis then admitted that he snatched Lillian out of her glider where she was sleeping peacefully and brought her out front of the house. Without hesitation, Davis took Lillian by the feet and flung her against the sidewalk – striking her head against the pavement two or three times.

He stealthily took Lillian’s body back inside and placed her into the crib, where Courtney found her hours later. An ambulance was called and Lillian was rushed to the hospital, but there was nothing the medical staff could do. The bubbly five-week-old was pronounced lifeless on September 29, 2015.

Due to the severity of the crime and Davis’ obvious lack of remorse, the presiding judge sentenced him to 65 years, with no possibility of bail until 55 years have been served. This was the maximum amount of time allowed due to the fact Davis pleaded guilty initially.

The Star Press explained just how chilling Davis’ demeanor was on the day of sentencing.

“He uttered no words of remorse, or anything approaching an apology to his victim’s mother, or the others in the courtroom who had loved young Lillian Grace Lloyd.”

As for Courtney and the rest of the Lloyd family, they’re still mourning the loss of their innocent baby girl – but the judge’s decision finally gave them a bit of closure during this heartbreaking situation.

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