Man Who Argued With Protesters Gets Chased By Mob In Tulsa

Recent video footage shows a group of protesters in Tulsa, Oklahoma chasing a man who argued with them down the street. Things really devolve after the man claims that “justice has been served,” and he repeats “trial by peers!” several times.

At 12:50 a member of the group can be heard saying, “Beat that n*gga ass, bro.”

He continues to talk with some members of the group before splitting off and eventually being chased down the street by a mob.

The group was gathered to protest the acquittal of police officer Betty Shelby, the white female officer who in September 2016 shot and killed Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black male. Shelby was facing first-degree manslaughter charges.

Now that she has been cleared of criminal charges, Shelby is planning to start working as an officer again this Monday.

In response to what some see as a racially motivated shooting, protests occurred in Tulsa on Wednesday, May 17. Some demonstrators reportedly blocked traffic and argued in the streets.

At one point in this video, a protester can be heard saying, “All Cops Are Bastards!”

At 10:41, a woman yells, “They’re all white! Everybody white showed up, Everybody! They don’t care about black people!” She later says, “We aren’t Americans! We are not!” The woman also claims to be Terence Crutcher’s cousin.


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