• April 20, 2024

Man, What Jill Biden Had To Do To Joe Again Proves He’s Not All There….

 Man, What Jill Biden Had To Do To Joe Again Proves He’s Not All There….

Do you remember when President Trump was in office and the left was screaming that he was “mentally unfit” to serve as president?

One of the most common sentiments they voiced was something along these lines: that man has the codes—nuclear codes, as they wagged their fingers and engaged in the hysterics they’re infamous for.

Yeah, it was laughable and it still is, but sadly, the left does not share our sense of humor.

Over four years, liberals looked for any way to mock the commander in chief even when it was completely unnecessary.

Do you remember when they lost their minds when Trump picked up a glass of water with two hands?

That was on the top of the news cycle for at least a couple of weeks.

However, when Joe Biden stares into oblivion with a blank stare or refers to himself as the vice president, or cannot remember his wife’s name, that is all perfectly acceptable behavior.

It is pretty obvious that Joseph R. Biden is a man with certifiable dementia, how many times have you seen a Biden gaffe or clear evidence of cognitive decline?

Virtually everyone in the independent media sees it and it’s no secret to the people in the foreign media who openly talk about his lack of mental acuity.

He’s clearly unfit for office and every intellectually honest person knows it…

This week’s gaffes, slip-ups, and bizarre moments just further prove my point:

Trending Politics detailed the latest incident:

On Wednesday evening, that rang true more than ever. After taking part in lighting the National Christmas Tree near the White House, Joe had no idea what to do next.

As Jill and LL Cool J waved goodbye to the crowd, Biden held onto the microphone for dear life and stared into the abyss with a lifeless stare.

Joe Rogan had this to say about Biden, according to Newsweek:

“He’s so gone. He’s f***** got dementia,” Rogan said, “There’s no if and or buts about it.

“If you talk to any person who treats people with dementia and you show them what he used to be like versus what he’s like now, there is clear evidence of cognitive decline.”

“There’s some sort of cognitive decline,” Rogan continued. “See that thing where he’s calling the other day, ‘Where’s Jackie? Where’s Jackie?’ and this Jackie lady had been dead for a month.”

Rather than carrying the authority and gravitas expected of the leader of the free world, Joe Biden looks as if he needs to be escorted by the staff of a nursing home, yet he is somehow expected to represent our interests to foreign dignitaries and keep our nation safe from harm.

After seeing this video, it is clear that is not able to do any of it anymore.


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