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Man Waits Until Marriage To Have Sex With Wife, Takes One Look Inside Her Underwear , Divorces Her

 Man Waits Until Marriage To Have Sex With Wife, Takes One Look Inside Her Underwear , Divorces Her

A man was dating the woman he loved and when she asked that they not have sex until marriage, he agreed.  Little did he know the shock he was in for on their wedding night.  The two were married and on their wedding night the man found out his wife’s secret.  She was born without a vagina.  He files for divorce and their case ended up on a TV court program called “Caso Cerrado” (“Case Closed” in English).

The wife told the judge:

“I was born without a vagina. I was born with Rokitansky syndrome. It’s a congenital abnormality where a woman’s vagina is either extremely small or non existent. In my case it was nonexistent.”

The pair said they dated for a year before marrying, and upon Tania’s request, she and her fiance, Alejandro, waited until marriage to have sex.

But on their wedding night, Tania did not want to consummate the relationship. Instead, she hurried away, and Alejandro said he then caught Tania’s mother penetrating her with a dildo.

“I am here to sue this shameless tramp,” the man said on the program. “I demand a divorce and I’d like to have her removed from the deed to my apartment. I caught her having sex with her supposed ‘mother’ on the night of our honeymoon.”

Alejandro told his side of the story first. As the bizarre story unfolded, Judge Polo became increasingly skeptical, but the man stuck to his account.

“I know what I saw, I got mad and left and moved in with a friend,” Alejandro continued, according to The Sun. “I’ve been living there for a month now while they’re living a life of sin inside my apartment.”

The woman claims she had surgery in order to make sex possible but said that the pain of sex was too great and that he mother did penetrate her with a dildo but only to make her ready for sex with her husband.

The judge and the people commenting on this story all fault the husband but am I the only one in the world who thinks she should have told him the moment the two became serious?  Evidently so.  Even though the judge admonished the man for being shallow, the divorce was granted.

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