Man Undergoes Major Unexpected Changes After Drinking 10 Cans Of Coke Per Day [VIDEO]

George Prior, a seemingly healthy 50-year-old man from Los Angeles, California, decided to conduct an experiment to highlight the effects of soda on the human body. To conduct his experiment, he drank 10 cans of Coca-Cola for 30 days straight to examine the effects. The end result was that he gained a lot of weight.

“I’m urging people to examine the amount of sugar in their diets,” Prior said. “People need to be aware of the real and powerful damaging effects of sugar on their health. The most dramatic change was in weight: 23 pounds of gain over 30 days.”

“I also seemed to develop a craving for Cokes, or other sugars, during the time I was drinking Cokes,” the married father of two said. Prior said he stuck to his usual diet during the experiment, only adding in the 10 cans of soda per day. “I did it to get people thinking and talking about how much sugar they eat and how unhealthy it is,” he said.

“I would prefer not to do it again. I don’t like being this heavy. The actual drinking of the ten Cokes got to be an irritating chore every day. There were a lot of visits to the restroom, a feeling of constant fullness, and a clutter of cans everywhere. Kids shouldn’t drink Cokes. But then kids shouldn’t drink juices, either, and that’s going to be a very hard sell to parents who believe that juice is ‘natural’ or even ‘organic.’ It’s sugar, and not only do kids not need it, it’s bad for them. I think there are a lot of people suffering health problems like diabetes and heart disease, who aren’t aware they could help themselves by just stopping sugar.”

In just a few days after the experiment, Prior said he lost around 5 pounds. “I’d like to see controls on the lobbying and spending of big corporations who sell sugar and don’t want the government to tell people how bad it is,” he said.

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