Man Spends 90 Days in Jail For Possession of Drywall

Karlos Cashe suffered a great miscarriage of justice when two officers stopped him and arrested him for possession of cocaine.  Cashe told the officers that what they found was drywall dust but they refused to believe him.

The officers claimed they did a field test that came up positive.  This is the third time in three months I have heard of this situation occurring.  Either the field tests need to be scrapped or people should not be detained longer than 72 hours on suspicion, especially on such flimsy evidence. I really have a tough time believing that Krispy Kreme donuts, yogurt and drywall all show positive for cocaine.

 But after running a check they found he was on probation for marijuana and cocaine charges in 2015, to which Cashe plead no contest.

Cashe said a K-9 alerted to his vehicle and an officer’s field test came up positive for cocaine.

Court records show he was denied bond because he was accused of violating probation. He was then taken to the Seminole County Jail.

But authorities realized hours later that their system was not up to date and Cashe had not violated his curfew.

It took nearly three months for lab test results, which were negative for cocaine. ‘I sat there 90 days knowing I was innocent,’ Cashe told WFTV.

Cashe said that he hopes his story well make authorities take a closer look at cases similar to his because, he said: ‘I don’t want this to happen to anybody else.’

H/T The Mail Online


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