Man Sneaks Into Abandoned Funeral Home With A Camera And Makes A Bone-Chilling Discovery [VIDEO]

A man who sneaks into an abandoned funeral home made a horrifying discovery.

Thrills and chills! Many people like to go to the haunted houses that pop up every year around Halloween. I have never been a fan or being scared half out of my mind! I don’t even like to watch horror movies! If you ever get bored one day, you can plan a trip to an old abandoned funeral home. Sounds like fun – right?!

Well, a YouTuber, R. Willy, decided to visit the Memorial Mounds funeral home in Bessemer, Alabama. At first, it was just an old abandoned building, debris scattered here and there, but then there were some caskets in a room.

Again, maybe not too shocking since the place had once been a funeral home.

The coffins were empty. In the next room, the embalming room, R. Willy found an assortment of chemicals and a variety of tools that a mortician would use.

R. Willy then found a strange back room with more coffins inside.

As soon as he walked into this room, he felt as if something was terribly wrong.

He slowly moved in to take a close look. The coffins were randomly placed on the metal shelves in the room.

Despite that creepy feeling (the one that would make the rest of us turn tail and run) R. Willy decided to look inside a coffin. What R. Willy found inside the coffins turned Bessemer, Alabama upside down! The video below documents what R. Willy found in the abandoned funeral home. Be warned, the content is graphic and isn’t suitable for everyone.


Sean Maddox

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