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Man Removes Items From Cellar Storage, In The Process Accidentally Solves Cold Case From The 80’s

 Man Removes Items From Cellar Storage, In The Process Accidentally Solves Cold Case From The 80’s

When you buy someone else’s house, you inherit their past. Whether it’s their choice in wallpaper or the undisclosed termite infestation they left behind without a word, every owner makes his mark on the property. For one renter in Spanish Fork, Utah, someone else’s past came out to haunt him when he went to the cellar to retrieve his belongings. What he stumbled upon was horrifying, and it would change his life forever. Read on to learn what life changing discovery he made in his basement.

 The tenant of a home in Spanish Fork, Utah, entered a cement cellar in the backyard when he found something very unexpected in the underground storage space. When he called the police to the scene, he learned that what he found was part of a thirty-year missing person’s case. His discovery was key to solving the case, and the man found himself right in the middle of a heinous crime.

The anonymous tenant thought he was simply packing up his belongings to leave this home and move to a new one, but instead, he found in the outdoor cement cellar a human skull.

“The tenant who was moving out this morning was removing some items from the cement cellar in the backyard,” explained Lt. Matt Johnson with Spanish Fork Police, according to Pix 11. “He became somewhat curious and he and the individual with him decided to dig and remove some of the soil.” He continued, “They dug down approximately 18 inches and found a human skull wrapped in a blanket.”

 The local police immediately connected the skull to a case from 1988 involving a twenty-seven-year-old woman named Peggy Sue Case who had gone missing. At the time of her disappearance, police believed her then boyfriend Michael Kurfin was involved. According to Daily Mail, “Kurfin contacted Peggy Sue’s employer to say she was ill and then told her co-workers that she’d gone out of town to buy a car.” After he delivered this suspicious story to the police, he was named the person of interest in the case.

That was thirty years ago, and today forensics teams are excavating the cellar looking for evidence. The police have stated that identifying the skull could take quite some time, but they are convinced it belongs to Peggy. They have stated that if it comes back as a positive match to Peggy Sue Case, they plan to locate Kurfin, who is believed to be currently residing in Illinois.

 While the anonymous tenant of this home is quite shaken and disturbed by his discovery, he did an incomparable justice to the family of Peggy Sue Case. If the body found in the Spanish Fork cellar, the Case family can finally get some peace knowing what happened to Peggy Sue and being able to lay her body to rest.
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