Naked Man Photobombs a Wedding Picture [PHOTOS]

Kevin and Alana Marshall chose to exchange vows in the picturesque Scottish countryside.  They thought they had found the perfect backdrop for their wedding photo.  That was before wedding guest, Robert Wallace decided to take off all of his clothes and photobomb the happy couple.  The bride and groom took the prank well and laughed about it later, with Alana suggesting she might get it blown up on canvas.

 What they hadn’t anticipated was that one of the guests might decide to throw caution – and his clothes – to the wind to make a cameo appearance in front of the lens.

Evidently in high spirits after seeing his two friends tie the knot, Robert Wallace stripped off to photobomb the happy couple, thus ensuring that particular frame will never make it onto the mantelpiece.

The series of snaps show the good-natured couple laughing as their pal sprints past, wearing nothing but a broad smile and a scrap of fabric – possibly a tie or a pocket square – to protect his modesty.

Both the bride and groom appear to avert their eyes in the snaps, perhaps for fear of seeing more than they bargained for on their big day.

After pulling off the prank, proud streaker Wallace went on to share the snap on his Facebook page.

Bride Alana joked in the comments section that she was thinking of getting it blown up ‘on canvas’.

Despite their good-natured reaction, it’s unlikely these particular shots will go on to take pride of place in the new Mr and Mrs Marshall’s marital home.

H/T The Mail Online

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