• July 13, 2024

Man Notices Something Strange About Gas Pump, Then He Uncovers Horrible Scam [VIDEO]

 Man Notices Something Strange About Gas Pump, Then He Uncovers Horrible Scam [VIDEO]

A man at a CITGO gas station in Illinois noticed something strange happening at his pump, leading some to believe that he might have uncovered a scam happening at other gas stations.

In a video posted online this week (below), the customer began with a brief summary of what led to the incident.

“I went to prepay 25 bucks to put gas in my car,” he said. “And then suddenly I noticed something really strange.”

The man then panned to the nozzle from the gas pump, which was resting on the trunk of his car. “You see where the nozzle is? It’s right on the trunk,” he said. “Do you see any leaking gas from it? None.” He then moved the camera up away from the nozzle and up the pipe to show the path to the pump.

“Now I wanna show you something really strange,” he said as he focused in on the pump screen. Though there was nothing being dispensed through the nozzle, the screen showed numbers increasing on the “gallons” and “sale” sections, seemingly charging him for gas.

“These things keep on charging me. I don’t know for what,” he said. “Maybe for air? I thought the air was free. Be careful next time when you gas up at CITGO,” he continued.

The suspicious gas pump prompted viewers on Reddit to question whether or not the incident was part of a larger scam happening at gas stations elsewhere. Several commenters on Reddit point out that state inspectors are responsible for checking the accuracy of gas pumps.

“This is called meter creep,” Redditor Mrhematocrit said.

“Unfortunately, this does happen. Usually it’s not at fault of the owners or operators of the station — usually. Sometimes the meters break and read incorrectly. Now, if it was reported to the station and they did nothing about it, then that would be pretty suspicious,” x4everendeavorx added.

Watch the video below. Do you think the CITGO customer was being scammed?

Source: Opposing Views

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