Man Jailed For Sexually Abusing Daughter For Twenty Years

A father has been sent to prison for twelve years for sexually abusing his daughter, starting when she was only 7 years old.  His crime was exposed when he tried to bed his daughter while her friend was with her.  The friend convinced the daughter to go back in and record her father’s confession.  She did and as a result, her father, Raymond Prescott was tried and convicted and sent to prison.

The daughter, Layla Bell said:

“The last time he tried I was 27.  I had gone over to see him with my friend, and he had got so drunk we had to carry him upstairs to his bedroom. He called me into the bedroom and said he wanted to talk to me, and then he grabbed my hand and stuck his tongue down my throat. My friend was in the room next door.”

Here is the conversation that the daughter recorded:

 “This is weird,” she tells her father in the clip. “It’s wrong and you know it. You were grabbing my [butt] in front of my friend.”

To which Prescott responds: “I have already f****d you. We have had sex. No-one will find out, we’ll keep it a secret. I can’t have sex with anyone else and enjoy it, so I want to have sex with you.”

“I just can’t attach myself to anybody else,” he says.

“I think you can attach yourself to mum still,” Bell tells him.

“I had this plan,” Prescott says. “If I got back with mum, I get closer to you. It’s sick, I know it is, it’s sick.”

As Bell gets up to leave the house again, Prescott attempts to restrain her.

“No dad, no,” Bell says. “Bed time, come on. Give me my bag back. I thought you were trying to call someone then.”

“What like Jimmy Savile?” Prescott says. “How the hell am I meant to find any females around here?”

(Jimmy Savile British TV and radio personality who is alleged to have sexually abused hundreds of young boys)

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