Man is Covered in Cinnamon in Bizarre Ritual, Then Tragedy Struck [VIDEO]

A group of Danish men got together for a bizarre ritual bestowed on a man if he remains unmarried at the age of twenty five.  The ritual sounds harmless enough, you just pour cinnamon all over the guest of honor who in this case was tied to a fence.  Normally, as long as you keep the cinnamon out of your eyes and your mouth, it’s a harmless prank.  But, this time, things took a different turn.  Somehow, the friends turned the man into a fireball.  The dust from the cinnamon is very combustible and somehow it caused flames to engulf him.

It stems from the sixteenth century, where Danish spice salesmen were so caught up with work they ‘didn’t have time to date’.

In the clip posted by video sharing website Liveleak, the unsuspecting man can be seen with a dust mask on and hands tied behind his back as his mischievous companions gather for the peculiar right-of-passage.

The comical spice throwing tradition is targeted at unmarried men and woman shortly after their 25th birthday

It sees the unsuspecting victims covered in cinnamon and other spices

‘Normally you just cover the victim in cinnamon, it’s not part of the tradition to accidentally light your friend on fire.’, the poster on Liveleak said.
It is thought the dust cloud around the victim ignited.

The tradition started after spice salesmen in the sixteenth century would reach the milestone age and still be single
They became known as Pebersvends, which translates into ‘pepper-dudes’

Unmarried women are called Pebermø or ‘pepper-maidens’

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