Man Is A Hero After He Saves Woman From Jumping Off A Bridge [RAW VIDEO]

A man now dubbed a hero saved a suicidal woman from jumping off a bridge Tuesday in England.

Police forces were attempting to talk the woman out of her fatal decision to jump when a man calmly walked by, seemingly unaffected, before quickly grabbing her and hauling her to safety, according to the Mirror.

After pulling her back over the edge of the bridge, the man wrestled the woman to the ground to make sure she did not try to jump again, according to the Birmingham Mail.

Footage of the rescue was posted on Facebook and has been viewed more than 55,000 times thus far.

“Police detained the woman. We sent an ambulance and took the patient – a middle-aged woman – to a place of safety,” West Midlands Ambulance Service said after the situation was controlled.

Source: Daily Caller

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