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Man Inherits Grandpa’s Beloved Armoire, Discovers Secret Drawer With Prized Possessions [PHOTOS]

 Man Inherits Grandpa’s Beloved Armoire, Discovers Secret Drawer With Prized Possessions [PHOTOS]

The memories of our loved ones oftentimes appear in the most unlikely places and when that happens it reminds us of who that person truly was. One young man made a remarkable discovery when his grandfather who passed away left him with a beautiful wardrobe but what was hidden inside was the real treasure.

According to AWM:

When this young man lost his grandfather, he experienced grief for the first time in his life. Because his grandfather was one of his best friends and close companions, he couldn’t imagine life without him. He had guided him through troubles and counseling him while making life decisions. His grandfather had been an integral part of his maturation. But now all he had left of him was grandpa’s old wardrobe. But he never suspected that the old piece of furniture would reveal secrets about his deceased grandpa that only death could tell.

Only when he took a close look at the wooden wardrobe he inherited from his grandfather did the young man notice something strange about it. At the bottom of one of the draws, something was loose. And only after he poked and prodded it did the young man discover that grandpa had a secret compartment in the wardrobe. And it contained a lifetime of secrets.

The solid wood hutch was being used to store glassware. The young man had actually inherited a few years before he made the shocking discovery. He had been using it to store glassware but wanted to give it a deep clean.

Only when he starts cleaning grandpa’s old wardrobe does the young man notice the secret hiding place.

He slips out a divider and discovers the hidden drawer. The divider had been pushed all the way in the back of the cabinet. And it was a place where his grandfather kept a few prized possessions.

Because the compartment is in the shape of a “T”, it is so small most people would never notice it. And that makes it the perfect place to hide important objects and keep things away from nosy people.

Grandpa kept his prized possessions in this hidden compartment. And the three objects inside are certainly mysterious. They are old objects that are not commonly used in the modern era.

The first metal object appears to be a system of levers. It is a device for pressing out buckshot pellets. These were made in the 1800s from soft lead. Grandpa would put the lead into the mold and press them out with the device.

But not only did he have the tool to make buckshot, he had a bunch ready to go. The small leather pouch was where grandpa kept his buckshot. While people use shotgun shells today, buckshot were once loaded into shotguns as loose ammunition.

The third objet was a book – a small King James pocket bible to be exact.

The Bible is engraved with “Carlsbad 1859” which could only be the location and the year the original owner of the bible bought it. Carlsbad no longer exists. Today it is called Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

Found a secret drawer space in an old cabinet

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