• May 25, 2024

Man In Decade Long Coma Was Aware The Whole Time, Heard His Mom Tell Him “I Hope You Die” [WATCH]

 Man In Decade Long Coma Was Aware The Whole Time, Heard His Mom Tell Him “I Hope You Die” [WATCH]

Born in South Africa in 1975, Martin Pistorius is known by many as the “Ghost Boy.”

Martin was 12 when he went home from school with a sore throat. But after what seemed to be a very minor problem, he stopped eating, slept constantly, and stopped communicating.

Soon, Martin lost control of his body and he was treated for cryptococcal meningitis and brain tuberculosis. However, doctors were still unable to fully comprehend and diagnose what was wrong with Martin and how his disease came to be. His parents were then told by doctors that his condition left him with a baby’s mind and that he should be taken home to die.

However, for more than a decade at his home and day care centers, Martin lived on despite being unable to move nor speak. Furthermore, Martin was able to “wake up” years later after he fell into his illness.

In his interview with NBC News, Martin shared that he felt like a ghost, being able to see and hear everything but feeling like he wasn’t there at the same time.

His autobiography “Ghost Boy” has now gained worldwide attention. Martin has also certainly moved on to a better life and now works as a web designer and is married.

It was in 2001 when a new worker in his care center picked up signals from him that indicated he was conscious and aware of his surroundings.

His parents then brought him for an evaluation to the Center for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. With the help of special equipment, Martin became better at communicating his feelings.

While he had to relearn how to read and socialize, his body also grew stronger with the help of stimulation.

In 2009 he married Joanna, his sister’s mutual friend. At the end of 2018 Martin and Joanna welcomed their first child in to the world.

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