Man Has Sex With 1st Cousin In Living Room While Hiding Dead Wife In Closet

A man allegedly killed his wife before having sex multiple times with his first cousin while the woman’s corpse was stashed upstairs in a closet.

Prosecutors allege Loyd Sabastian DeJohn, 48, for killing his wife, Kimberly DeJohn, 51, in a ‘cold-blooded act’ inside their home before making his 25-year-old half-cousin, Anjelica Gonzalez, his girlfriend.

He then had sex with his cousin multiple times in the marital home. Gonzalez later gave birth to his child.

It was only after Kimberly’s sister, Brenda Ernst, filed a missing person report with the police that authorities eventually found the woman’s body and investigations began.

Ernst sent a text message to her missing sister’s cellphone, asking her to call. The return text read: “I’m fine, I just want to be left alone.”

Ernst dialed Kimberly’s number, she said, but nobody answered.

The alleged murderer kept his wife’s body in the closet for two days, the jury was told, and only moved it out of the house when his cousin complained about the smell of ‘bad meat’.

Upon moving into Dejohn’s home, Gonzales tried to clean a blood stain –- at his request –- from a living room carpet. She also smelled a stench which she likened to “bad meat” and saw numerous air fresheners and disinfectant sprays in the house. The Warren man also asked her to move some of the missing woman’s belongings into a computer room.

Assistant Prosecutor William Cataldo told the jury the 48-year-old bound, gagged and strangled his wife, before beating her with a blunt object and stabbing her more than 10 times in the stomach and legs.

The court was told DeJohn put his wife’s body is his truck and covered it with dirt after Gonzales mentioned the smell, according to the Detroit Free Press.

He then allegedly left Kimberly DeJohn’s body in the truck for about two weeks, as he, ‘drove around Warren and (to) work’, before dumping the body in a shallow grave in Tuscarora Township; where Kimberly DeJohn’s body was found – about 200 miles north of his home.

‘He told me not to worry about it, that she wasn’t coming back, that I would be safe and that he wanted to be with me,’ Gonzales said last year, according to the Daily Tribune.

Gonzales, who now lives in Kentucky, told the court DeJohn later changed his story and said his wife died after she fell and hit her head on some furniture. She did not ask what happened to the body.

But DeJohn would later offer a third story to Gonzales, claiming the two argued and he pushed her into a piece of furniture, busting her head open in the process. However he did not say she died in the altercation, and instead claimed his wife walked out of the house.

The young mother told Daily Mail she is still heartbroken by the alleged incident, and struggles with the negative comments directed at her and her daughter – who she had with DeJohn nine months after he was arrested.

‘It’s hard for me because of all the negative comments that are made about me and it’s heartbreaking for my kids,’ Gonzales said.

‘My daughter… will never know her dad. (No matter) what has happened he is still my daughter’s dad.’

Loyd Dejohn, who had been arrested on a charge of aggravated domestic violence, was later charged with first-degree murder and disinterment/mutilation of a corpse.

Loyd claims he and his wife got into an argument after she broke one of his collectible items, implying that this was not a planned murder.

“Why would you commit a homicide?” asked his attorney, Mark Nortley. “Why would you do that? There’s absolutely no motive at all. Clearly, clearly, clearly, there was no motive. There was no plan.”

Assistant Prosecutor William Cataldo disagrees.

“We’re going to show the violence is very beyond somebody pissed because ‘they broke my collectible,'” he said. “This was planned… This was an act waiting for an opportunity.”

The trial is still on going and in addition to first-degree murder, punishable by life in prison without parole, the jury likely also will be able to consider second-degree murder, which carries a maximum penalty of life and a chance for parole, and manslaughter, punishable by up to 15 years behind bars.

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