Man Grabs Chainsaw, Does Unthinkable To Wife’s Lover

An Illinois man was arrested for attacking his wife’s lover with a chainsaw and nearly severing his arm completely off, authorities said on Monday.

Jose A. Jaimes-Jimenez, 27, was waiting outside of his wife’s workplace on June 19 when he spotted her leaving with her lover, the Chicago Tribune reported. He then rammed his car into the boyfriend’s vehicle and attacked him with a chainsaw, prosecutors said.

Photo Credit to Opposing Views
Photo Credit to Opposing Views

Assistant State’s Attorney Maria McCarthy called Jaimes-Jimenez’s actions “horrifying” and “premeditated.” Judge Joseph Cataldo described the crime scene as “almost a scene from a horror movie.”

Jaimes-Jimenez first met the victim on June 16. He saw him with his wife and told him they would talk later, according to McCarthy.

“The defendant thought about it all weekend,” McCarthy said in court.

Jaimes-Jimenez keeps his chainsaw in his car for his job at a tree service company.

On the day of attack, the suspect rammed his vehicle into the victim’s. When the victim attempted to exit the car and run away, Jaimes-Jimenez chased him down with his chainsaw.

The victim stumbled and fell. That’s when Jaimes-Jimenez struck the victim’s left arm with the chainsaw, severing bones in the forearm. His forearm was reportedly hanging just by skin and a tendon.

Authorities said the victim also sustained cuts to his torso, right hand and elbow. He needed surgery and several blood transfusions. Despite his gruesome injuries, the victim is expected to survive.

The victim was able to escape after he kicked Jaimes-Jimenez in the groin and fled into the building with blood spurting out from his arm. Jaimes-Jimenez’s wife and employees called police. McCarthy said the suspect would have killed the victim had he not been kicked. He said the suspect wanted to “hurt the victim and send a message.”
Jaimes-Jimenez took off all of his clothing except his underwear. He said he removed his clothing so that police would know he was no longer armed.

Jaimes-Jimenez had no prior criminal record aside from being cited twice for driving without a license. Those charges were later dropped. He is now facing charges of first-degree attempted murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, police said.

The suspect is being held on a $2.5 million bond due to the “violent, horrifying nature of the crime,” Cataldo said.

If found guilty, Jaimes-Jimenez could spend 30 years in prison. He will appear in court again on July 14, the Arlington Cardinal reported.


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