Man Got A New Tattoo, Went Swimming And It Ended In An Excruciating Death [PHOTO]

A man who just got inked went swimming which has led him to his unfortunate death.

When you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, you already know that probably the most vital guidelines is to maintain the ink clear and lined throughout the first few days following your appointment. And that is smart, since it’s an open wound in spite of everything. Failure to observe by means of with the rules could make the realm extra vulnerable to bacterial infections.

Clearly, which means swimming, particularly in soiled water, is a foul concept. Sadly, failure to adjust to this rule left one freshly inked man useless.

Simply 5 days after getting a brand new cross tattoo, a Texas man determined to go swimming within the Gulf of Mexico.


Three days after his swim, he was admitted to a Dallas hospital with extreme ache in each his legs and his arms. He had chills, a fever, and the realm across the tattoo was clearly contaminated.


Inside only a few hours, the person started experiencing darkening pores and skin, bruising, and huge quantities of fluid increase inside his legs. He was within the early phases of septic shock.


Not even a Jesus tattoo was sufficient to avoid wasting this tattooed swimmer from struggling a horrible death.

Let his deadly tattoo story be a testament of the importance of proper care. Share this story to remind those thinking about getting new body art to be careful about their decisions.



Sean Maddox

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