• July 23, 2024

Man Enters Police Station, Everyone STOPS When They See What He’s Holding

 Man Enters Police Station, Everyone STOPS When They See What He’s Holding

A  man in Virginia shocked police officers when he walked in to the station with something in his hands. Tone Jefe, a father of two boys, walked into the Prince William County Police Department with his sons and two boxes of doughnuts, later taking to Facebook to explain why he felt the need to reach out.

“Today I wanted to do something different me and my boys went to drop the men and women officers at the Prince William County Police Department some donuts off. I chose to be part of the solution not part of the problem,” he wrote in a post that was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

“My kids love police officers they get excited to talk to them, when I walked into that station the smiles that were on those 3 women faces meant a lot and told me a lot, like they don’t look at all black men as bad guys. To all my friends and family all this week do something different instead of hate show love to the officers that risk their lives for us daily. I love y’all and pray you all stay safe.”

Jefe’s post quickly went viral, garnering over 52,000 likes in two days.

“I want to thank everyone for sharing this. It starts at home first, I teach my boys to love and not hate. I hate what’s going on in the world do that mean I hate all police no. My sons love police officers so why would I hate something they love. My sons are the real MVPs it was my oldest son idea and as a father I will never turn away my sons ideas especially if it changes lives,” Jefe wrote in a follow-up comment.

“Thank you for the support and love. To all the negative comments do your part and I’ll do mine. I will be doing more in the next few days. Let’s be the solution together.”

The Prince William County Police Department has made it a habit of highlighting kind gestures made towards the department by local residents. It recently took to its Facebook page to share another act of kindness in which supportive citizens brought in doughnuts.

“TWO THUMBS UP: What a day! Citizens dropped by the station and the animal control bureau with donuts this morning. You can never have enough donuts. Later on, Miss Sophia Branca and her parents visited the station with a multitude of gift bags. Sophia has a brother who is an EMT in Harrisonburg and decided she would like to thank the officers in her community,” the department wrote in the post.

“The bags are filled with a variety of goodies including snacks, chap stick and Kleenex. Very thoughtful of everyone! Thanks so much for your support.”

Tone and his two sons

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