• April 15, 2024

Man Enters Grocery Store With Girl, Shoppers Appalled To See What’s Around Her Neck [VIDEO]

 Man Enters Grocery Store With Girl, Shoppers Appalled To See What’s Around Her Neck [VIDEO]

Appalled customers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a black man enter a grocery store with his white girlfriend. Upon noting what was around the poor girl’s neck, one woman whipped out her smart phone to capture the shocking scene on video. Unfortunately, things would only go from bad to worse when the clip also captured what was on the woman’s face, and the footage has since gone viral.

The woman, wearing a white dress and high heels, instantly caught the attention of fellow shoppers, as she was wearing a leash around her neck, which her boyfriend was using to pull her around the store. She also had a muzzle over her mouth, just like a dog.

It was unclear why the couple, who are believed to be American, visited the store because they did not use a cart or take anything off the shelves. The pair quickly walked up and down a couple aisles, then exited the building after a woman began filming them.

Initially, the girl behind the camera thought perhaps the pair were pulling off a prank. She can be heard in the video exclaiming, “That’s got to be a prank, you know you’re going to get videoed in this store.” However, no one was laughing, and viewers have spoken out to say there is nothing funny about the degrading stunt.

“How sad. Sad for the girl and her lack of self-worth,” commented a woman who watched the video on YouTube. “Sad that a female is filming that and laughing. Sad that guy doesn’t value himself nor others.”

“This is a trend that is so out of control, our children have no role models because this generation is lost!” wrote another person. Others said the man and woman could have been acting out some sort of sexual fetish, in which case, it should be reserved for the bedroom. That sort of behavior has no place in public.

Unfortunately, though, as our society slips further and further towards complete and total moral corruption, people begin to push boundaries and cross lines until nearly anything is considered acceptable behavior. In reality, there is absolutely nothing acceptable about a man who degrades his woman to walking on a leash, or a woman who degrades herself by allowing it.

Sources:  dailymail.co.uk

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