• June 16, 2024

Man Drops A Deuce In Patrol Car, Eats His Own Feces, And Then Things Really Go Downhill

 Man Drops A Deuce In Patrol Car, Eats His Own Feces, And Then Things Really Go Downhill

The police in Richmond, California got a call about a man who was wanted on a warrant and when they made contact with the man, he gave them a false name.  That didn’t work well since the man also had a warrant under his fake name.  When he found that out, he gave the police his real name and was arrested for false impersonation.

It was decided that they would take him to a jail in another city.  While he was in the backseat of the squad car, he dropped a deuce.  To make it more disgusting, the man started eating his own poop.  Things went downhill quickly after that as he began spitting the feces at the police officers.

 When the suspect was taken to the police department, officers learned he was on parole. The suspect became uncooperative and combative with officers during the booking process. Police decided to drive the suspect to the county jail in another city.

The officers put the man in the back seat of the police car. When they reached the freeway, the suspect slipped his cuffed hands from the back to the front, undressed, and slipped his clothes through the window and onto the freeway.

“As soon as the officers realized the suspect was throwing his clothes out of the police car, they also realized he had just defecated, started to eat his feces and spat feces at the officers,” the police wrote on their Facebook page.

The officers immediately pulled over and called for assistance. More Richmond police officers arrived and put the suspect into a compliance safety device. Police also shut down the freeway to ensure the safety of the officers and the suspect.

Once the suspect was secured, he was taken to county jail. There were no injuries.

“We are proud of the officers’ professionalism, composure and patience in this incident,” the Richmond Police Department wrote on Facebook.

The police didn’t release the name of the man.

H/T Blue Lives Matter


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