Man Cuts 3yo’s Throat & Dumps Body In Hole, Avoids Prison Due To 2 Words

A schizophrenic father believed his three-year-old son was possessed by the devil when he brutally killed him and dumped his body down a mine shaft in Outback SA.

Aliya Zilic was found not guilty by reason of mental incompetence of killing his son Imran Zilic on April 2008 and was sentenced to life in a psychiatric facility.

The boy’s throat was slashed and his body dumped down a mine shaft near Coober Pedy in South Australia’s north – and claimed that his ex-wife was “working for the devil” and “possessed by demons,” DailyMail reports.

Zilic has asked South Australia’s Supreme Court to grant him escorted day release from his closed secure ward at Glenside Hospital.

Three supporting psychological reports need to be obtained before a day release order can be made.

But the prosecutor, Lucy Boord, said any release was not supported by mental health experts.

“He’s still showing active symptoms of his schizophrenia and since the original diagnosis he’s also been diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder,” she said.

“They are not recommending any type of release and so for the court to be ordering any report would be a waste of time.”

Years after the killing, the Australian Supreme Court heard that Zilic’s doctors were hoping to give him the chance to return to the outside world under a supervision order that would allow him 24 outings under the watch of two guards, as well as 24 others with another staff of supervisors.

Several readers called for the man to be sentenced to prison for his crime, dismissing the notion that he was mentally incompetent at the time.

Article Sources: AmericaNow, DailyMail Photo Credit: Sky News Via DailyMail

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