Man Calls In Cop To Report Stolen Property, Ends Up Getting Arrested Too

Two men were arrested for drug possession on a Tuesday afternoon at a Casper motel after one of them allegedly went to the front desk and reported his marijuana was missing from his room.

Eric Shawn Jarrin, 20, and Christopher James Rathe, 27, both Colorado residents, each face a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.

According to police reports, a local officer was sent to the motel after 2 p.m. Tuesday after the hotel management told police a guest complained about his missing marijuana.

The officer arrived and met with Jarrin, who allegedly said, “I made the report. It was my weed that was stolen,” according to the legal document.

Jarrin said he was in town with his employer taking inventory at a local grocery store. He got back to the room after work and “wanted to smoke a bowl but couldn’t find his weed,”. He said he noticed the beds in the room had been recently made and that is when he initially thought one of the housekeepers stole his marijuana, hence why he reported it to front desk.

Jarrin then waited outside the motel for police to arrive so he could report the theft of his marijuana.

Police interviewed another man traveling with Rathe and Jarrin who was not taken into custody. That man told police that Rathe had the rest of the marijuana the group brought with them from Colorado. After speaking with that man, Rathe walked up the motel stairs and the officer said they could immediately smell the odor of marijuana coming from his clothing even from afar.

Rathe allegedly said he was returning from smoking marijuana outside, as he couldn’t smoke in the motel room. He then retrieved the remainder of the marijuana for the officer, which weighed just less than three grams. He also gave the officer paraphernalia including a pipe and grinder.

Jarrin and Rathe were booked into the Natrona County Detention Center. They will likely make their initial appearances in circuit court Wednesday afternoon.



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