• July 22, 2024

Man Breaks Into House, Paints Dog Purple, Gets Arrested

 Man Breaks Into House, Paints Dog Purple, Gets Arrested

A Massachusetts man is behind bars facing animal cruelty charges after a string of burglaries led to his arrest on Saturday.

The Oak Bluffs Police Department says Felix Reagan stole a car, crashed it and proceeded to break into a home and paint the owner’s dog purple in Martha’s Vineyard. The owner returned home from work, finding a window forced open, property stolen and his dog painted.

A neighbor told investigators that Reagan had knocked on their door asking for someone who didn’t live there. The neighbor provided police a description of Reagan’s “disheveled” appearance, which helped lead to the arrest.

Officers also received two additional reports of break-ins in the area. While police were looking for Reagan, a homeowner reported that he had been peeking in their window.

Police searching the area found Reagan with prescription pills, stolen property and paint on his pants that matched what was on the dog, The Associated Press reports.

Reagan reportedly attempted to kick out the windows of the police cruiser twice while he was being transported to jail. He is being charged for breaking and entering, vehicle theft, drug possession, destruction of property, assault on a police officer and animal cruelty.

Reagan was also charged with felony breaking and entering, vandalism and minor in possession of alcohol for another episode in early June.


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