Man Arrested After Prison Guards Inspect McDonalds Meal He Brought For Wife

A husband in Alabama was arrested after dropping an addict’s version of a happy meal off at the jail for his incarcerated wife.

Timothy Lee Thompson, 31, dropped the food off for his wife at the city jail in Red Bay, Alabama. Police inspected the food and found the man hid two oxycodone pills in it.

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Thompson’s wife, Ashley Thompson, is in the Red Bay City Jail on a charge of third-degree theft by deception. His love for his wife is apparently so deep that he was willing to take the risks.

“He had [the oxycodone pills] hidden between two hamburger patties,” Red Bay Lt. Scotty Belue said.

Belue said Thompson apparently bought the burger at a local fast-food restaurant.

“I guess he didn’t think we would check a sandwich, but if it comes into the city jail for a prisoner, we’re going to check it,” Red Bay Police Chief Jana Jackson said.

By the time an officer discovered the pills, Thompson had left the scene. But a warrant was issued for his arrest and he was detained two days later, reported. He has been charged with second-degree promoting prison contraband.

Jackson told The Smoking Gun that Thompson would have been aware that all items are searched before being allowed to enter the jail, since he had previously brought a book for his wife and watched as an officer checked it page by page.

Thompson had also just been released several days previously on a theft by deception charge, Jackson told the Times Daily.

He added that relatives were allowed to bring food to people in jail. In the wake of this incident, however, all items will now have to be sealed.

Thompson has been released on a bond of $2,500. Jackson noted that further charges could be brought against the 31-year-old.


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