Male Inmate Dressed As Woman Gets Busted Trying To Escape Prison In High Heels

A male inmate hatched a clever plan in order to get out from prison but was later caught because of his hilarious way of executing his plan.

Francisco Herrera Argueta, 55, dressed as a lady with a long skirt, blonde wig and fake breasts as he attempted to leave the maximum security jail along with other inmates’ families following visiting hours.

But despite his best efforts to look like a woman complete with blusher and pink painted nails, Argueta apparently forgot to speak like one when it was his turn to pick up the identity card at the jail exit so he could leave. He pretend he was a female visitor to the jail, Jacinta Elvira Araujo, who had left her identity card with guards as she entered the prison in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

However, he was busted when he was unable to walk in the high heel shoes he was wearing.

Argueta was finally unmasked after the guard asked the woman to remove her dark glasses so he could verify her identity photo and ‘the make-up couldn’t hide the fact that he was a man,’ according to the spokesman.

Police in San Pedro Sula, released photos, showing 55-year-old prisoner dressed as a woman as he attempted to break out of a maximum security prison.

Argueta, who is a gang leader and was jailed since 2015 for murder and weapons charges, managed to pass several security checkpoints before he was caught.

Police spokesman Bayron Sauceda said that “officers became suspicious by his ‘funny walk’ as Argueta struggled to walk on high heels.

“However, he still managed to pass through several security filters on his way to the exit.

“When a guard at the prison gate asked Argueta for an identity card number he spoke with a hoarse, male voice.”

At this point, he was stopped and he was busted. As a result of his attempted escape, Argueta could be transferred to the El Pozo jail in Santa Barbara, which is known as the most dangerous prison in Honduras.


Source: Daily Mail

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