Lunatic Leftists Calling For Boycott Of Publix For The Dumbest Possible Reason!

 Lunatic Leftists Calling For Boycott Of Publix For The Dumbest Possible Reason!

While we all have to be aware of political issues in our lives, it doesn’t mean that literally, everything has to be a politically motivated issue.

Oh my friends, how I long for the days where a simple purchase of ice cream or something didn’t have to be accompanied by research into the political leanings of some random jackwagon in middle management.

Now, I like Publix. I had never been in one until my wife and I moved to Florida a few years ago. I remember after an eighteen-and-a-half-hour drive, we made it to the house the day before the moving van.

Needing a couple of small things for the day, I went to a Publix that was up the street from outhouse. I had no idea where anything was in this store, it was like I landed on another planet.

The kid that I asked to tell me where the iced tea mix was actually walked with me around the store helping me look for the stuff I needed. You don’t get customer service like that.

The grocery store chain Publix is at the center of a controversy over donations from a member of its founding family to the Jan. 6 rally that preceded the Capitol incursion.

The company is also taking heat for donations it made to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. The donations preceded a partnership between the state and Publix to use stores as vaccination sites against COVID-19.

The two actions led to the hashtag #BoycottPublix becoming popular on Twitter, according to the Independent.

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Julie Jenkins Fancelli, the daughter of Publix founder George Jenkins and a long-time donor to Republicans who donated almost $1 million to former President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican Party in the 2020 election cycle, donated $300,000 to the Jan. 6 rally.

That funding was a major portion of the event’s $500,000 cost, and was facilitated by radio show host Alex Jones.

The donation became fodder for Twitter users to declare they would boycott Publix as they called for others to do the same.

Publix said it had no connection to Fancelli’s donation.



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