London Bridge Terrorists Had Bigger Plans: Here’s Where He Applied For Work

Khuram Butt was the mastermind behind the London Bridge Attack.  As bad as that was, it could have been far worse.  Butt had applied for work with a company that provided safety for Wimbleton and that company had no way of knowing he was a known risk because they don’t have access to intelligence.  Fortunately they didn’t hire him, otherwise the carnage could have been massive.  He was able to secure work in “The Tunnel” including the ones that run directly beneath the Parliament.   The logistics on that were probably impossible because it would have to be an extraordinary blast to reach that far up.

 Khuram Butt applied for a job with a security company that provides stewards for the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, it has been revealed.

The ringleader behind the London Bridge terror attack last Saturday was trying to secure a role as a safety steward with the company – which also supplies staff to Premier League football clubs, it was ca

It has sparked fears the jihadi – who was 27 when he was gunned down by armed police responding to the atrocity – may have been plotting an attack at Wimbledon.

Now counter terrorism police are investigating his motives.

‘The security firm would check his background but it does not have access to the police watch list or have knowledge of any MI5 investigation. There would have been no reason for him not to get the job,’ a security source told The Sunday Telegraph.

They added: ‘Butt could not only have caused serious damage but potentially helped other terrorists get into one of these events.’

It comes after Scotland Yard released photographs of the three London Bridge attackers’ fake suicide belts, last night.

It is also known that security bosses had 30 MI5 and undercover police officers on the trail of the islamist – but they dropped their investigation because they did not suspect he was planning an attack.

H/T The Mail Online

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