Liz Warren’s Sick Circumvention Plan For Abortions Is Beyond Ghoulish!


The left is still losing what was left of their pea-braines following the decision on Roe v Wade.

Seriously, they cannot seem to understand that all this ruling did was put it back to the states and these deranged lunatics are screaming that “their right to kill babies” has been taken away.

Lord, I have never wanted to be off a planet more than when I hear these absurd arguments and I use the word arguments loosley.

It is more like screeching, gnashing of teeth and burning their clothes, but that is what evil does to you.

It quite literally warps the brain.

If we thought their antics were already insane to begin just wait till you hear what Liz Warren is wanting to do, and what makes it worse is that her followers are cheering for it.

Gah, are these people nuts or what?

WAPO reporter Caroline Kitchener has reported that Liz Warren told her personally that she wants to set up “tents” at national parks, where women can get abortions.

No, this is not a joke.

They’re serious…

Here’s what Caroline said: “I just spoke with @ewarren, who suggested the Biden administration establish Planned Parenthood outposts on the edges of national parks. “They could put up tents, have trained personnel — and be there to help people who need it.” “It’s time to declare a medical emergency.””

Have you ever heard of anything more creepy and disgusting?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“lmao omg, please do this, you absolute lunatics”

“A real Native American would have never suggested that” 

“That sounds hygienic and hospital safe… Are they really that desperate for raw fetal material to feed the fetal tissue industry?”

“She was endorsed/paid by planned parenthood so she will be losing a lot of money. She should just open up her home/s to do the procedures there.”

“She is part Indian so maybe teepees?”

“Do you think we could get them to drive a couple oil wells while they’re out there?”

“How about doing it on Indian Reservations….doesn’t she have some pull??”

“Well they bought all those tents for the Covid camps they didn’t get to use, may as well get their money out of them.”

“she’s a US senator and should know how completely stupid that was to say.”

“Why can’t they just use birth control?” 

“Why the hell are so many women wanting abortions, when there are so many ways to prevent it. Birth control is 99% accurate” 

“I can’t wait to go camping at a place that looks like MASH.”

“imagine being on a family vacation at a national park, and little Timmy asks, “Mommy, what’s that?” And you look over and it’s a big white tent, and inside, there’s a woman getting an abortion. “

“Great use of our national parks…murdering babies, are these people mentally ill?” 

Clearly, there is panic setting in, and it has nothing to do with “women’s health.”

Democrats could not care less about the “health” of anybody.

This has to do with money… lots of money, and when politicians lose money, all hell breaks loose.


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