Liquor Store Just TICKED OFF Every Entitled Liberal In Town With Sign They Just Put Up

Over the last eight years under the Obama administration political correctness and disrespect has run amuck, and now that Trump is in office things are changing. Finally, entitled brats are learning that they temper tantrum having ways are not going to fly anymore and that they are going to have to start following the rules or they will face the consequences. Now, one store in Oklahoma is doing just that by placing a sign in their window for all these disrespectful youths to see and of course, they are livid, but that is not stopping this store owner one bit.

Here is more from KFOR :

Employees at the store said, even though it may offend some people, the message is clear.

“It’s tacky, and it’s gross and we’re adults. Pull up your pants,” said employee Shana Wiessner.

Wiessner also said it’s a matter of security.

“Usually, when people come in with their pants sagging, it’s easier for them to steal bottles,” she said.

People we spoke to had mixed reactions to the sign.

“I agree with it,” said customer Chad Gilbert. “I don’t want to see anybody else’s underwear. I realize wearing pants low is a fashion statement for some, but it doesn’t work for me and I find it somewhat offensive.”

“I can see that if it was like a church,” said customer Sunshine Weatherby. “There are families there, you might have a problem with that but this is a liquor store. I’ve seen worse at a liquor store.”

But, the store said, if you don’t abide by the rules, you’re welcome to leave.

“We don’t need their business if they’re not going to be by the rules. We got rules around here, people,” Wiessner said.

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