• July 16, 2024

Lindsay Lohan’s Topless Photos Might Get Her Banned On Social Media [NSFW-PHOTOS]

 Lindsay Lohan’s Topless Photos Might Get Her Banned On Social Media [NSFW-PHOTOS]

Jump back to 2016, and we have a 30-year-old Lindsay posing topless for Instagram.The 30-year-old actress was holding a string of beads in her right hand while sporting a cast on one of her fingers, which she hurt as a result of a boating injury.

The photo Lindsay had taken was later deleted from her Instagram.
She then replaced the sexy photo with one of herself performing at a club and adding “I would love to host one night with @kyliejenner

Lindsay didn’t exactly go full Kardashian when she went topless either.
She positioned her arms and held her phone to hide her nipples. She also used her hair to cover her boobs like Lady Godiva. So clearly, this is one woman who isn’t shy about her body.

We certainly prefer selfies of Linsday like this than when she was in trouble with the law.
But she certainly wasn’t shy about the consequences of her action. Way back when, she posted an Instagram photo of herself packing, and adding the caption, “90 days and 270 looks

A few years ago, she shared one of Lindsay’s biggest pet peeves.
She claims she doesn’t like people who are fake because she’s always such an open person. Well, we have to agree on one thing, she’s certainly very open and fearless.

We’re sure the beach has been Lindsay’s biggest escape, especially after working with the dead.After all, her court-appointed community service was at the LA County Morgue, which isn’t exactly the happiest place on Earth. So we certainly don’t blame her for de-stressing at the beach and giving fans and the paparazzi something to look at.

There are very few women in the spotlight that can call themselves sexy, crazy, fun and talented. But Lindsay is all of these things and more, regardless of whether she’s taking sexy bikini photos or going topless. She can totally rock any look because she knows what she’s got and that’s a hot body!


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