Liberal Haven CAUGHT Helping Heroin Junkies GET HIGH!

 Liberal Haven CAUGHT Helping Heroin Junkies GET HIGH!

When I pay my taxes every year, there are certain things that I rightfully think that this money should theoretically go for without me even having to think about it.

Fix the pothole on the main street? Yeah, that’s fine. New books for the library or maybe an instructional class teaching old folks how to use computers so they can video chat with their grandkids across the country? Yeah, that’s a hell of an idea!

What about filling that swimming pool at the park so we all have somewhere to cool off on a hot day in the summer? YES, thousand times yes! What do you have next? Let’s buy heroin pipes so the homeless can get high? Why sure, we always…wait, huh? Sorry, they had me and then they lost me.

Now, imagine this for a moment. Think about if you went on vacation and paid a couple of hundred bucks to stay at a hotel and then you find out someone had their local government fund their hotel stay for free. You’d be pretty pissed right? Well, imagine how pissed you’d be if they were handing out heroin pipes…Wait, what? Someone is? Oh, COME ON!

A Seattle-backed homeless shelter is instructing addicts to smoke heroin and inject drugs rectally. And the shelter is using tax dollars to help get addicts high.

The Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) passes out heroin pipes and so-called “booty bumping” kits. To alert homeless clients of their offerings, DESC posted several flyers at their Navigation Center location on 12th Avenue South. They give encouragement to addicts to use new tools and methods to continue their destructive and deadly addictions.

The article goes on to state the following:

Officials with Seattle’s Human Services Department (HSD) won’t directly respond to concerns over the advice or use of funds. But they do back the methods because it “reflects the varying needs of those experiencing homelessness in Seattle.”

The group (DESC) describes itself as a social justice organization. Their goal is to help the most vulnerable homeless in the area that are addicted to drugs. How they help the homeless is with “harm-reduction techniques and evidence-based practices.”

DESC posted two flyers so addicts can gain knowledge on safety and to learn better ways to do heroin.

One flyer describes how to use pipes because “smoking is a lower-risk alternative to injection. Give it a try!”

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