Liberal Musical Acts REFUSING To Play Super Bowl Halftime Show Because Of…..Guess Who?

To be perfectly honest, even when I was move inclined to watch the NFL I was never one to jump for joy over the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

That was usually the time that I was taking a slice of the pizza that we ordered earlier in the day and reheating it in the toaster oven. Never really gave that much thought to the halftime show which surprise a  lot of people because they act like it’s Christmas morning set to music or something like that. Have just never cared.

That being said, the past couple of years I haven’t really cared much about the NFL period and it doesn’t have as much to do with the anthem kneeling as it does with the total sum of the way the NFL management as an organization handles things. If you are going to boycott something, by the way, if it’s because of one thing then you’re doing it wrong. It should be more of an “I’ve had all I can stand” type of watershed moment.

Anyway, the reason why Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been picked up by a team is that while the teams collectively have to abide by certain league rules the individual owners can still run their businesses as they see fit for the most part.

That’s the reason why Kaepernick hasn’t been signed to a team despite having better ability technically than some of the starters out there now is that he is just too much of a pain in the ass to deal with on the whole. However, liberal entertainers wanting to make everything about everything seemingly only want to look at one issue when making a mountain out of the molehill in front of them.

Via Breitbart:

It appears that entertainers, singers, and other acts, are refusing to join rockers Maroon 5 to play for this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. Not because of anything the band has done, but instead, because national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed.

No act has a beef with the band or its frontman, Adam Levine, The Big Lead reported. Instead many are turning their backs on performing during the halftime show because of the National Football League’s reticence to put former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and anthem protester Colin Kaepernick, back in uniform.

“No one wants to associate themselves with the NFL” because of the NFL’s handling of the Colin Kaepernick’s situation, a source told Us magazine.

Rapper Cardi B, for instance, has openly said she does not want to join the NFL because of its treatment of Kaepernick. A source told the magazine that the rapper is “a no right now.”

Cardi B even gave Kaepernick a shout out at the VMA’s last year.

Pop star Rihanna also reportedly put the kibosh on any Super bowl appearances to show support for Kaepernick.

Billboard magazine also reported that several others, including Adele, Jay-Z, and Pink also showed the NFL the hand over Kaepernick’s plight.


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