Liberal Idiot Goes To Help “Poor” Refugee Children, Smacked With Brutal Truth [WATCH]

When Westerners see the beautiful faces of all the poor, “starving” peasant children of the world, be they refugees from the Middle East, seeking asylum in Western Nations, or the street children of Africa or South East Asia, their hearts break for them. This is to be commended. When you come from the land of plenty, and especially if you have children of your own, you cannot help but feel empathy for these poor children if you have a heart at all.

However, most of these people whose hearts bleed for these children have NEVER been to a third world country and have no CLUE what the reality of the mindset of these third world peasants is. In a nutshell, third world peasants view Westerners as soft, week and stupid. They believe that the people of the West have the perfect life all because their Governments do everything for them and give them everything they have. The don’t consider, for one minute, that the people of the West actually work and save and have much higher standards of living than the peasants of third world nations.

Most of the money these soft hearted Westerners give to these street urchins, be they peasant children in South East Asian nations such as the Philippines or Cambodia, or on the streets of Africa or South America, simply goes back to dad so he can buy his alcohol and cigarettes, tie on another drunk, and get mom pregnant with kid number eight, even though they can’t feed the seven they already have.

The woman in this video below finds out the hard way that you don’t have to worry about “giving” to third world peasants. Just go to where they are, and they will “take” whatever they can get from you.

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Source: MadWorldNews

Rafael Smith

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