Liberal Activist Went Off On A RACIST Tirade And It Backfired Spectacularly!

 Liberal Activist Went Off On A RACIST Tirade And It Backfired Spectacularly!

Leave it to liberals to always use a tragedy to push an agenda. It is one of the things that they happen to be good at so they do it over and over.

The good thing it seems is that liberals that are getting caught saying hateful things are finally getting hit by their own side for some of the awful things that they have said.

Thy way that they act following a tragedy is to begin placing blame or to hope that it isn’t one particular group of people that committed the horrible act. They are the masters are jumping the gun..

In the hours that followed the Boulder, Colorado, mass shooting on Monday, there was no shortage of blue-checkmark left-bubble Twitter members blaming the violence on white supremacy.

The next day, when it was revealed the alleged shooter who killed 10 victims was a Syrian-born Muslim man, there was plenty of creative backtracking.

Activist and writer Amy Siskind probably had the most infamous of these back-tracks when she tweeted, “Let’s mourn the victims, but not glorify the killer with the attention of having his name widely known.” Yes, for once, someone on the left was willing to embrace the generally conservative position of not playing into a shooter’s self-glorification motive by broadcasting his name ad nauseam. How felicitous.

Meena Harris — niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, a lawyer and a children’s book author — tweeted that “[v]iolent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.” Her apology was that, well, most of these shootings are carried out by white men. She was just playing the odds:

These were a select few, but everyone had an excuse as to why they got it wrong. For most of them, this carried no consequences other than a day or two of bad Twitter mentions. Not so for USA Today sports media, race and inclusion editor Hemal Jhaveri, who became former USA Today sports media, race and inclusion editor Hemal Jhaveri after this now deleted hot take in the immediate aftermath of Monday’s shooting:

“it’s [sic] always an angry white man. always.”

Naturally, though, deleting the tweet didn’t make it go away.

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