Leftist Mob Has Forced Justice Alito To Flee!

The left loves to say that they are the party of tolerance and love, but that all changes the moment you disagree with them on anything.

It is pretty much a an entire game of “opposite day” with those on the left.

If their rabid supporters go out and burn down a city in the name of “social justice” the media claims that was a peaceful protest.

If liberals storm the Capitol to protest a SCOTUS Justice being confirmed, the media says that is their freedom of speech.

However, Heaven forbid anyone on the right even dares to actually peacefully protest or even say anything that goes against the liberal narrative.

The media, Hollywood, and big corporations are on the side of the left, so there’s really nothing they can do that won’t be covered up and smoothed over… even intimidating Supreme Court Justices because they don’t like their ruling.

In this bizzaro world, we live in right now, it’s “women speaking truth to power.

When American conservatives believe someone had stolen their vote from them, and they stole a stapler from Chuck Schumer, it was the literal “end of the world.”

It completely ticks me off to no end and I don’t see it ending any time soon until ‘We the People’ say enough is enough.

At any rate, I am sure you have heard by now, the left has doxxed SCOTUS justices and are now protesting outside of their homes.

If you were not aware, this is a federal offense, but since the media, Hollywood, and corporations agree with the protest, nothing will happen.

The left is also threatening to assassinate the conservative justices.

Town Hall reporter Rebecca Downs said this: “I’ve updated my piece for @townhallcom to include reports that Justice Samuel Alito has been moved to an undisclosed location with his family. The man is doing his job/constitutional duty and has to fear for his life/safety and that of his family.”

It’s gotten so bad, that Justice Alito and his family have had to flee their home and went into hiding at an undisclosed location.

“BREAKING: Justice Samuel Alito has reportedly been moved to an undisclosed location for safety, after leftwing radicals attempting to intimidate conservative justices for considering overruling Roe v. Wade, Breitbart reports.”

Here’s what people online are saying about this:

“Will the FBI actually round up these radicals? Not a chance, despite the fact that they have both the authority and obligation to do so under 18 USC 1507?” 

“So this is not an insurrection? Good to know for future reference….”

“Next time I go to traffic court I’ll try the threatening scam and see how it works”

“So our Supreme Court Justice’s lives are in an actual life-threatening grave danger, but Jan 6 with broken windows and the murder of an innocent civilian is still our exalted leaders overriding concern?”

“So if anyone is harmed or dies in or because of these senseless demonstrations can’t the leaker be charged as an accessory in the harm or deaths that result?”

“Nothing transforms an obsession with baby killing into a total NON ISSUE like a nuclear holocaust and right now we have a dementia-addled idiot in the WH and the witless wonders in his war mongering Party trying to start a nuclear war with Russia”

“Insurrection against the Supreme Court!!! Where is the outrage and special committees in Congress?”

And the really rich part of all of this is that right now, Joe Biden is shuffling all over the country, telling Americans that the most “radical/dangerous” political movement in the history of the United States is “MAGA.”

We have left-wingers throwing Molotov Cocktails into pro-life clinics, storming the homes of SCOTUS justices, and threatening their lives, but “MAGA” is the most radical political movement in the United States, can you even?


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