Leather Clad Bikers For Trump Go Door to Door Urging People To Vote For Handel

Bikers for Trump are waging an all out campaign in Georgia where nearly lifelong Georgia Resident Handel is running against Ossoff, who doesn’t even live in the district he seeks to represent and who has raised 25 million dollars 90% of which comes from out of state.  The bikers, wearing leathers with a Bikers For Trump insignia on their backs are going door to door to urge voters to reject Ossoff and to elect Handel.

 It wasn’t exactly your typical Saturday afternoon sight in this sleepy Sandy Plains neighborhood: almost a dozen barrel-chested, leather-clad bikers — led by a quartet of clean-cut high school students, no less — going door to door asking if these 6th District voters plan to support Republican Karen Handel.

But then again, this isn’t your typical special election and this hasn’t been a typical year in politics.

The biker brigade was trying its hand at something new: getting involved on the ground in local congressional races.

“We’re here to put Karen Handel where she needs to be,” one of the bikers told a voter at his front door, “in D.C. supporting President Trump.”

ikers for Trump formed in 2015 to back the then-Republican candidate whose campaign was viewed by many at the time as quixotic. Chris Cox, the group’s Charleston, S.C.-based leader, said Trump’s anti-establishment bent and pro-veteran, anti-Islamic terror rhetoric appealed to him and other bikers, so he started holding rallies with fellow enthusiasts across the country.

Since Trump’s inauguration, Cox said he noticed voters weren’t giving the president the respect he deserved. So he began channeling the energy of the group’s roughly 260,000 Facebook members into local races.

“Bikers for Trump is going to support any candidates, Senate, (House), local, that supports President Trump,” said Brian Strzalkowski, a power company lineman based in Winston who’s one of the group’s more than 700 members in Georgia. “Our goal is to see the state stay red and go all the way through and support President Trump.”

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