• July 23, 2024

Leaked Footage Shows Biden Unable To Walk Down Stairs Without Assistance….

 Leaked Footage Shows Biden Unable To Walk Down Stairs Without  Assistance….

Joe Biden, 80, was seen being carried down steps by his daughter Ashley Biden at a New York City restaurant on Sunday. Biden, who is in town for the annual United Nations General Assembly, joined Dr. Jill for a family birthday dinner at Il Cantinori for Hunter’s daughter Finnegan. Reporters did not see Hunter Biden.

A video shared by the Associated Press’ Aamer Madhani shows Biden exiting Il Cantinori while flanked by Secret Service officials, with Ashley clutching his left hand. She brings him down one step before pausing to speak with someone. Ashley then guides him down the next step, as someone in the background appears to take Biden’s right hand as he steps down to the sidewalk.

Doug Mills, the New York Times’ leading photographer, recorded the moment:

The Daily Mail captioned a Reuters photo of the occasion, “The president was pictured leaving the restaurant with his daughter Ashley Biden, 42, who led him by the hand as they were flanked by bodyguards around 8 pm on Sunday.”

Biden reportedly received a standing ovation from patrons at the restaurant according to a pool report, “The president getting a nice reception in New York. Per pool, fellow diners at Il Cantinori stood up from their tables and applauded Joe Biden as he left the restaurant and a few people cheered from nearby apartment buildings.”

The Daily Mail charitably said Ashley “tenderly led” her father out of the restaurant.


Earlier Sunday, Biden was seen taking the fourteen baby steps up and down Air Force One for the trip to New York City, according to Agence France-Presse reporter Danny Kemp:

Here is a clearer video of Biden and his family leaving the restaurant:

This is incredibly sad and I cannot STAND Joe Biden.

The man is clearly too old and yet, here he is being pushed into the presidency so that Barack Obama can have the third term he so desperately wanted.

Our country is in dire need of some young, constitutionalists to get it back on track and we need it fast.


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