LEAKED Emails Reveal Wisconsin Elections Officials Bragging About The Steal!

The night of the election last year is a night I won’t soon forget and I am quite certain either are you.

It started so amazing and the energy was contagious watching the numbers and seeing President Trump picking up states, but we all could see the bias during the election coverage.

Then something strange happened in Georgia that we all have still wanted answers on but are blocked and shouted down as conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists.

The voting magically stopped, a water pipe broke which triggered a series of events like we have never seen before. Ok, maybe Watergate could be the closest thing to compare it to, right?

So, with that being said, an email has been brought to our attention and perhaps another interpretation could be gleaned from this, but I somehow do not see how.

I seriously mean, I don’t really think so, but you can make up your own mind.

So let me spill the tea as the kids say.

An email was uncovered today between two elections officials in Wisconsin bragging about a late batch of ballots coming in with “just the right” number of votes to tip things over to Biden.

Take a look:

Ok, for those with less than perfect eye-sight (Like me) let’s zoom in for a moment.

Here is the email zoomed in:


What they’re referring to is the “drop and roll” where you drop boxes full of fake ballots into a location and then roll them through the machines multiple times.


Watch here on Rumble:

What is disgusting is that these people are smugly bragging about it too!

However, many people are asking, how did they pull this off?

Well, quite simply my friends.


That has NEVER happened before ever.

They sent people home at 10:30 P.M. saying that they were tired and would finish it up the day?

Tired? Since when?

This is the Super Bowl for these election officials. This is the Christmas season for mall workers. This is the big wave. This is..ok, you get my point.

So, immediately after reading this, it reminds many of us of that moment when that smug chucklehead Chris Wallace snapped at Martha MacCallum saying “they’re normal people Martha, they have to go home”.

Watch that clip here:

I remember watching that and physically recoiling in my seat when he said that.

One because of how smug and rude he was and how glaringly obvious it was completely STAGED!

In your memory banks, is there a time that you could remember when an election was stopped early so the workers could go home and get some shut-eye?

Ummmm, nope.

Why? Cause it never has happened before in the history of our elections.

They got sent home so these frauds could execute the “drop and roll”.

And now we’ve caught them bragging about it:

This pisses me off so much I could spitfire, and yet we are called names and banned off social media for even questioning it at all.

I don’t know about you but I am just praying the Lord reveals this fraud soon for all the world to see soon and I am sure you are agreeing with me on that feeling too.

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