• June 24, 2024

Leading Vaccine Researcher Tells You What’s In The Covid Vaccine & Why It’s LETHAL

 Leading Vaccine Researcher Tells You What’s In The Covid Vaccine & Why It’s LETHAL

Since COVID-19 reared its ugly head many people were cautious considering when the virus popped up. After all, it occurred during the re-election Trump campaign, and it seemed to come out of nowhere. It definitely was enough to make many people wonder what all of it was about, and still, people are questioning. It is often said that the cure is way worse than the sickness itself and for myself, I truly believe that is the case with this particular virus.

Over the last decade, numerous pieces of information have circulated that the elite’s plan was to de-populate the earth for more sustainable living. We have seen this narrative with the buzzwords of climate change and how we need to take care of “mother earth” since her resources are not finite.

Then there are the Georgia Guidestones that literally say “depopulate”, and not to mention Bill Gates saying the exact same thing. So, does it come as any surprise why people would be wary about a vaccine we do not know much about and that they have said this is a new type of vaccine never used before?

This is why I will urge you to watch this video from Dr. Christiane Northrup who will explain just how this vaccine will work and why so many are saying it is nothing more than a murder weapon.

This is why I say for everyone to always research and look into sources that you might now otherwise check into. There is a reason that they hide the truth and malign those who speak out. They know that it is the truth and it never has anything to do with protecting you but keeping people in the dark so they can have complete control over the masses.

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