Lazy Worker Makes Biggest Mistake Of His Life, Now Pay Attention To The Car [VIDEO]

Tires on heavy equipment can be so large.  One such tire weighs 3,000 pounds.  It was low on air so it was brought over to be filled up.  The man doing the work was apparently lazy and he connected the air to the tire and walked away.  The problem is that not even tires as big as these have infinite space for air and soon the tire was full to the point of popping.  Popping probably isn’t the best word to use.  Explosion would be much better.

 The shocking moment happened just last week in the Vakhrushev car depot, which is located in the sleepy town of Kiselyovsk in south-central Russia.

The employees tried to deflect responsibility claiming they got “distracted” when they were inflated the tire. Instead of turning the pump off, they allowed it to fill because they practice “multi-tasking”. Their efforts failed this time.

Because of their negligence, the three-tone wheel exploded and launched into the air. While you do not see it on video, the wheel hit a wall and then fell to the ground only to land on the roof of a vulnerable Toyota Corolla. The car that was parked nearby quickly transformed into a pancake after the tire fell onto it.

The car belonged to an employee of the car depot. She worked as one of their accountants and quickly wrote off the vehicle in the accident – talk about a great way to get a new car.

Fortunately, not one person was hurt during the accident. Although people were watching after they heard the explosion, they were far enough away to avoid death.



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