Las Vegas Doctor’s Weird Disney Princess Fetish Lands Him In Court [VIDEO]

A Las Vegas doctor was arrested after a teen girl claimed earlier this month that she was raped by him last year.

41-year-old Dr. Binh “Ben” Chung allegedly told the court that he had a “Sleeping Beauty” fetish, which is known as Somnophilia, where he enjoys having sex with women who appear to be sleeping.

According to investigations, a weeping and shivering girl told authorities that she had been sexually attacked by Chung under the impression of an urgent acne treatment.

The doctor picked her up about 10 o’clock the night of the attack and took her back to his office for her treatment. She was then given a shot in her arm and began slipping in and out of consciousness. When she got back to her senses, she awoke to find her pants off and her feet in stirrups. After which the doctor told her she had a bad reaction to the acne treatment.

Authorities went to Chung’s wife, who showed them videos she had found on a hard drive owned by her husband. The videos appeared to show a man, whom she said was Chung, having sex with unconscious women.

The explicit videos prompted investigators to search Chung’s office. During the police search, several digital storage devices were found. A bottle that was labeled “ketamine” was also found in an unlocked draw with other items.

Ketamine is a prescription narcotic that functions as an anesthetic, and it is also a recreational drug known as “Special K.”

They also found hundreds of pornographic videos on the storage devices that they found and children appeared to be in the videos.

Chung’s medical license has been suspended and he has been charged with using a minor to produce pornography and 10 counts of possession of visual pornography of a person under the age of 16. He was being held at the Clark County Detention Center on $550,000 bail.

In 2006, Chung was charged with two counts of gross lewdness with a teenager.

It was reported that Chung pulled down the victim’s bra and underpants and touched her genitals during an examination.

“Based on those two documents, when the board came to learn of those in April of 2009 we filed a two-count administrative complaint alleging two violations of medical practice act against Dr. Chung,” Cousineau said.

Cousineau said Chung didn’t enter a plea for the previous sexual assault charges, but did to one count of misdemeanor battery. He said the board had to dismiss the complaint because of a lack of evidence.

“Unfortunately, in terms of the plea agreement as to the battery, it called for the potential of dismissal because if Dr. Chung were to abide by certain term and conditions … ultimately he did so and the court dismissed the battery conviction. So based on the information that we had at the time we filed our administrative complaint, that obviously didn’t exist subsequent to when it was dismissed by the courts, so the board was … basically their hands were tied and the initial administrative filing had pretty much evaporated,” Cousineau said.

“In my opinion he was the best. He was intelligent, he knew what he was doing. Every time I went there he was professional,” one of Chung’s patient, Alan Ross said.

The board will meet on July 27 to review the case and determine if Chung’s license suspension will remain in place. Chung is due in court July 9.

Source: FOX News


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