Inspector Confirms That The Colonial Pipeline Is A FALSE FLAG!

Over the last week, Americans on the east coast have been in a panic as news of gas shortages hit. The official narrative of the story is that “hackers” caused the issue but many have been questioning that considering who is in office at this time.

We all know that the left’s grand plan is to cripple the nation’s economy to make Americans more dependent on the government so they can more control over us, and what better way to do that than cutting off supplies.

Now, some may think that is a wild theory and if that is you, then you aren’t paying attention to what is occurring in the world and our country.

To make this point, a Colonial Pipeline inspector called into The Alex Jones Show and discussed how this is a 100% manufactured collapse.

The caller stated that he has worked in the oil & gas industry and energy industry for fifteen years, and said he surveyed the Colonial Pipeline. He says if they really wanted it going they could open the pipeline up without electrical instruments.

Essentially, workers can be ordered to open the pipeline manually.

Which obviously makes anyone with a working brain ask….

Why haven’t they done this already?

Watch the full interview below on BitChute:

Is this a deliberate killing of our pipelines?

Fox News has more on this ransomware task force:

The Biden administration on Thursday said it planned to launch a task force aimed at cracking down on hackers responsible for ransomware attacks after it was reported that Colonial Pipeline paid millions of dollars to free up its systems from cybercriminals.

“Our Justice Department has launched a new task force dedicated to prosecuting ransomware hackers to the full extent of the law,” Biden said in remarks on Thursday.

The president also noted that the government was going to pursue efforts that would interfere with the ability of ransomware networks to operate.

Those actions come one day after the president signed an executive order to improve the nation’s cybersecurity, calling for collaboration between the public and private sectors to strengthen practices, roll out technologies and increase resilience.

Bloomberg News first reported on Thursday that Colonial had paid $5 million in ransom to the hackers who targeted their infrastructure, belonging to a criminal enterprise known as DarkSide.

Biden declined to comment on that report on Thursday.

Check out Biden’s statement from ABC News below:

It sure seems like the tentacles of this crisis are running through the US, despite what Biden has to say.


Let me know your thoughts below!

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